Since 1978 we produce pools.

RivieraPool is one of the leading manufacturers of prefab swimming pools and whilrpools for private and public use. Since 1970 we produce prefab pools in our own polyester factory, since 1978 whirlpools.

You can find RivieraSpas in many private gardens, fitness centres and on the most beautiful terraces in all of Europe. But also in hotels, leisure centres and on the cruise ships that sail the Caribbean. Everywhere where bathing comfort, solid quality and luxurious design are important. During the last decennia, numerous operators of saunas and wellness centres have decided to have their whirlpools manufactures by Riviera-Pool.

We develop our products according to medical and physiotherapeutic concepts and produce them in our own factories in Germany.

We partner closely with our professional dealers to ensure that our product program responds to market requirements and to guarantee top notch service on site.