Water, warmth, whirl systems: These are the three elements that work uniquely together in a whirlpool.

Water: The buoyancy of the water reduces the original body weight to one tenth. The body floats, the joints are relieved, the circulation is stimulated.

Warmth: stimulates the blood circulation. That is important because our blood has to transport vital oxygen, nourishments, healing ingredients to our body cells. Only well nourished cells are healthy, resistant and can grow.

Whirlsystems: Massage jets are directed towards tense muscle areas and loosen them up. The tissue relaxes. The air jet system makes the skin vibrate like a membrane. That doubles the blood circulation in a very short time. Oxygen enters the skin through the pores. This improves the oxygen supply into the body significantly.

Relaxation and well being are the result. Every day and every season of the year.